LED Digital Billboards Solution


LED digital billboards make outdoor advertising to a fundamentally new level. A LED display draws attention of the audience and drivers on the way much more effectively than with traditional static billboards. QS-TECH Artemis billboards is the best-looking and most-durable digital billboards in the market, which works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Die-casting aluminum structure, vivid image, durability, and ease of operate makes it opens a new revolution of digital billboards. Specially built for Digital Billboard market, QSTECH brand new package provides a complete solution for your billboard business. From billboard management, diagnostics, reliability, safety, compatibility to installation, service, training and support, available in most commonly used 3 sizes, a solution covers almost everything! Let QS-TECH work with you to craft a message that impacts today's highly mobile consumers and creates an awareness of your business and what makes you unique. We promise that QS-TECH Artemis Billboard will work as hard as they did before.

QSTECH Digital Billboard Specifications:

Commercial size

14' x 48'

11' x 22'

10'6" x 36'

Billboard size

13'8" x 47'3"

10'6" x 21'

10'6" x 35'8"

Billboard resolution

208 x 720

260 x 900

160 x 320

200 x 400

160 x 544

200 x 680

LED configuration

1R1G1B  Nichia/Chinese LEDs

Pixel pitch

20 mm

16 mm

20 mm

16 mm

20 mm

16 mm

Pixel density (pixels/m2)








7,500 nits @ 6,500K calibrated

Color temperature

4,500 ~ 9,000K adjustable

Viewing angle (50% brightness)

110 H / 60 V

Video processing

16 bit

Grey level

16 bit per color

Dimming capability

Manual - 100 levels / Programmable – 8 levels per day / Auto dimming

Frame rate

60 fps

Refresh rate

960 ~ 61,000 Hz

Consumption max.

33.71 KW

12.12 KW

18.96 KW

Power input

3 Phase AC 110-240V 50/60Hz

Working temperature

-10 ~ 55 C






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